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Angel Cards  (Set of 4)

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Taking your connection to the Angelic Kingdom to a NEW level.

These cards are a faithful copy of the Archangel Sigils found in the book "The Gimoire of Armandel".  This book, was written in 1600's, takes the information from the Ancient Wisdom through the teachings of the Quabala that were sorned in Atlantis and taught in the Temples of Egypt. In the early 1900 it was translated  by Samuel McGregor Mathers from its original French and Latin manuscripts which was held in the Bibliothèque l'Arsenal in Paris.

The colours and Angelic names are based on information from the Quabalah, with on the back information as to the essence, energies and correspondences of each of the Archangel.

All of these cards have also been energised by Archangel Metatron through the principals of Angelic Reiki transmitted by Kevin and Christine Core.

It is well known that cards generally hold an energy, but the energy that any card holds depends on two factors.  Firstly, the purity and wisdom of the symbolism, and secondly the collective energy that has been created by their use.  Thus ancient symbols based on esoteric wisdom invoke an energy more powerfully and closer to the true vibration of the Archangel represented.

Invoking the angelic energy through the full name of each particular Archangel is an amazing experience.

In formation and correspondences are given on the back of each card.

Energies any space with these beautiful cards.


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