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Pentagram of the Four Directions  (Set of 4)

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The pentagram has always been revered by those who understood, as a symbol of the unconditional love and creative power of the Divine Feminine. There has been may ways in which this power has been usurped and discredited, but it is now time for us all, male and female to invoke this beautiful birthright.

Whilst making these cards Christine experienced a profound activation seeing the symbol burn away deep karma..

The colours on these cards are based on the ancient wisdom of the Quabalah.

It is now so important that we ground all the energies with which we are working. The wonderful connection to the devic and elemental kingdoms of this planet imbued in these cards facilitates this. We cannot hope to be masters of our environment if we do not do this.

Calling in the energies of the four directions is a powerful and ancient practice used by all the spiritually aware cultures. The native Indians of America, the Egyptians, the Celts, the Norse etc.

To do this energises and grounds all meditational practices, ceremonies and indeed all groups that come together and in the spirit.  To place these cards in a dedicated space has a profound effect on that space.

On the reverse side is a detailed explanation of the energy of the pentagram, plus a list of correspondences for each of the directions.

How would it be to start each day creating it as you wish with the power of the Divine Famine and finishing each day with forgiveness and completion?

These 2 profound meditations are free downloads on this website using the energy of these cards.


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