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Hello and thank you for visiting the site of Angelic Reiki.

It is a great gift when one’s life purpose is revealed and clear. Kevin and I have been blessed with the task of attuning and merging everyone who asks with the Angelic Kingdom of Light. This is in the new deep and profound ways needed at this time. It has been a great privilege and honour for us to teach and share the profound wisdom that comes with this system of healing and empowerment.

Since being given Angelic Reiki by the Archangel Metatron between 2002-2003, it has spread quickly around the world and is now represented in over 23 countries.

Angelic Reiki was primarily given to support light workers through their own personal process during these years of Ascension. It supports the process on every level changing the spin of the molecules and atoms of our bodies and activating DNA; lovingly cherishing us through emotional times and activating our consciousness and Light-bodies through every level.

It is therefore with great love and pleasure that I welcome you to the energy of Angelic Reiki and invite you to take advantage of the free healing meditations on this site. The shop also has remarkable and unique CDs with activations, cleanses and healings.

Kevin left this incarnation in June 2009. Sharing the process together of living and dying with cancer was a deep surrender into the arms of the divine for both of us. It is now my “job” to hold the energy with Kevin standing by me in the Angelic Realms.

Trusted channels have confirmed that Kevin and I are twin flames. Twin flames come together to fulfil a spiritual purpose and for us this has been a profound experience of service to the Divine and Angelic realms. It has also meant that the energy of Angelic Reiki has been brought through a perfect balance of male and female and great Love.

On a personal note, Kevin and I first met in the mid-90s when he took a room at my healing centre in the North of England. Our life together was deepened with three ceremonies of union. The first in Sri Lanka, the second was a formal registry office marriage in the UK and the third a hand fasting ceremony shared by family, friends and members of the Angelic Reiki Family.

About the Cores - Video Link

For Kevin and I, our lives have been greatly enriched with the wonderful gift of living in Egypt since 2005. Kevin left the incarnation in 2009 but I still live here amongst the magic and ancient wisdom of the temples and at the foot of the Valley of the Kings.

My home in Egypt - Video Link

There are many wonderful Angelic Reiki teachers and healers around the world. You can find a list of teachers on this site. Teachers and Healers have their contact details on the national websites, links can be found here on this site.

Wishing You Love and Peace Always,

Christine Core

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