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Ethics in Angelic Reiki Healing

The spiritual principles under which we practice Angelic Reiki naturally cover the ethical standards and codes of practice. Also much of it is common scene. Nevertheless stating our codes of professional practice brings clarity and understanding for both the healer and client. Within these “rules” can be found the freedom of the space of “non doing” and unconditional love.

In Angelic Reiki we embrace our clients in unconditional love, without judgement, opinion, prejudice, projection, personal expectation or personal involvement.

In Angelic Reiki we hold our clients with love, respect, care and compassion. We "see" them as their true nature which is an eternal spark of the divine beyond any troubles which may be besetting them at this time. Our intention is to empower everyone who seeks our help. We respect our clients’ views, opinions and choices including the opinions of others who may be supporting them whether this be other healing professionals, medical practitioners or family. As an Angelic Reiki practitioner we do not perceive ourselves to be in any special, elevated or superior position. We see ourselves as walking beside someone on their path.

The purpose of stating the ethical standards under which we practised Angelic Reiki are to:-

  • Restate in a practical way the spiritual principles of Angelic Reiki.
  • Be a public statement as to what to expect when considering Angelic Reiki.
  • Uphold the integrity, quality and purity of Angelic Reiki.
  • Provide the practitioner with a benchmark for their own practice.
  • Provide a framework for our professional practice.

It is important that as a professional healer or teacher one embraces a personal process of growth. It also may be appropriate to take training in specialist areas. This principle is acknowledged by all complimentary healing modalities and in many countries a regime of recognising "Continuing Professional Development" (CPD) (USA C.E.D) has been established. One body for this in the UK is the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA). Their website is . (You can become a member of this through the Healer Foundation). CPD (CED)is an integral part of Voluntary Self Regulation. It is important that practitioners find out the requirements in their country.

The consultation

The overriding tenant of Angelic Reiki is to empower everyone who seeks our help through a connection to the Divine Love of the Angelic Kingdom and their own Soul.

In Angelic Reiki :-

  • We make prior appointments *
  • We conduct one hour sessions.
  • We use a dedicated space for our healing practice.
  • Physical and energetic cleanliness are part of Angelic Reiki.
  • We use various "spiritual tools" such as crystals, incense, candles etc to maintain, clear and hold the energy of the space.
  • The healer prepares themselves through their own spiritual practice and meditation, lovingly creating a space where they can be a focused and caring listener and open to the highest guidance of their client.
  • We make our clients welcome and relaxed answering all of their questions and explaining what the session will involve:
  • Assure the client that the consultation is confidential including what is said or written:
  • We make clear the service that we are offering.
  • We do not practice clairvoyance, telepathy or mediumship as part of Angelic Reiki.*
  • We do not bring any of our own personal issues into the healing room.
  • We do not discuss other clients, (including other members of the same family) without permission.
  • We do not proffer an opinion on other professional’s work.


We acknowledge that confidentiality creates an atmosphere of trust. A client’s information will not be discussed or shared with anyone (including other family members) without their permission or requirement by law. Advice from other professionals may be sought, with the client’s permission, if it is felt that this would be helpful.

When members of the same family are receiving Angelic Reiki we do not discuss anything with other members of the family without prior agreement and an understanding of how that would be beneficial to our client.

Advice from other professionals may be sought, with the clients permission, if this is consider to be helpful.

In cases where we are concerned about the client’s physical or mental health and safety or that they may be a risk to others we may decide to share relevant information with a professional body against the client’s wishes. It is recommended that where possible to let the client know you feel this should happen.

Medical Issues

In Angelic Reiki we:-

  • do not diagnose illness but if we feel a medical diagnosis is advisable then we recommend that the  client consults a medical practitioner.
  • do not claim to cure or treat any illness or pathology :*
  • do not claim to have any expertise in a particular area of disease:
  • practice or give any specific advice on subjects in which we are not qualified:
  • do not proffer a prognosis:
  • do not recommend stopping or changing prescribed medication, but may recommend that the client discuss their medication with a medical practitioner:
  • ask and note any medication that the client is taking.
  • acknowledge and embrace the necessity for medical treatment and intervention. (It has to be noted that sometimes those who are seeking alternative healing may dismiss medical treatment. It is sometimes even seen as a failure to resort to medication. It may be appropriate to recommend that the client reconsider especially for children.)

Legal issues

An Angelic Reiki practitioner will have appropriate insurance and take the responsibility to research and comply with the requirements of the country in which they practice.

A copy of the code of ethics and qualifying certificates will be made available if requested.

The Angelic Reiki practitioner will be aware of any requirement by law in their country regarding notifiable diseases.

An Angelic Reiki practitioner will not use any names or titles unless qualified to do so.

An Angelic Reiki practitioner is responsible to research and comply with all legal requirements in their country for practising in an institution such as hospital or hospice.

An Angelic Reiki practitioner will make themselves aware of the procedure and requirements in their country for any client threatening self harm or suicide.

Children under the age of 14 will be either accompanied by their parents or produce written consent to attend an Angelic Reiki session. This may vary according to legal requirements of each country and the professional guidance of the healer.

Angelic Reiki practitioners will make themselves aware of the law in their country regarding treating animals. (Note. In the UK Emergency first aid treatment is permitted).

Personal boundaries

An Angelic Reiki session does not require the removal of any clothing except for outdoor coats and footwear.

Physical contact is not essential for the session and permission is sort if a “hands on” treatment is given. (This permission must conform with the local legal requirements).

It is important to be mindful of blurring the boundaries between client and friend. A professional relationship always serves clients best.


All records need to be kept secure and confidential and fulfil any statutory requirements in their country. The practitioner needs to record the full name and contact details of each client, also a list of medication and an accurate record of any recommendations given. In Angelic Reiki we do not keep a detailed record of the presenting condition unless this is required for the clients well being.*

Ongoing Professional/Personal Development

Angelic Reiki practitioners recognise the value of actively embracing their own spiritual journey and through this maintaining and enhancing their role as a professional healer. One can only be in integrity if one is dedicated to one's own spiritual path whilst offering oneself as a healer and supporting others on their spiritual path. One's own personal journey and that of others are intrinsically linked.

It is important that as a professional healer one embraces a personal process of growth. It also may be appropriate to take training in specialist areas. This principle is acknowledged by all complimentary healing modalities and in many countries a regime of recognising "Continuing Professional Development" (CPD) has been established. Information on the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) may be helpful. Their website is . (You can become a member of this through the Healer Foundation). CPD is an integral part of. Voluntary Self Regulation. It is the practitioners responsibility to ascertain the requirements in their country.

It has to be noted here that some of the manner in which CPDs are presented does not fit with the philosophy of Angelic Reiki.  For example:-

“The professional therapist should always be actively seeking to improve their performance”

“Evaluate the treatment itself – what was the outcome?”

Both of these statements are contrary to the spiritual Principles of Angelic Reiki. By their very nature they invite self judgement and the introduction of personality/ego opinion.. This is essentially different from self-awareness.

This is absolutely not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The process of CPD is valid and very supportive, but needs to be done in a way that is congruent with the practice of Angelic Reiki.

A weaving together of established CPD format and personal reflection is recommended.

The ascended Master St Germain says "We are spiritual masters to the extent that we see everybody else is a spiritual master"

The following statements are offered as a catalyst for self reflection and reflect our journey along the spiritual path. Feel your response to each statement. Their purpose is for you to embrace deeper levels of unconditional love. Unconditional love is our only goal and as such the purpose for all professional, personal and spiritual development. Also remember that our clients are an aspect and mirror of ourselves.

Please reflect on the following list with love and compassion, and remember that one of our greatest "faults" is that we take ourselves too seriously. Observe you response, considerations and feelings. We are all on the path of embracing these truths on a deeper and deeper level. That is the personal and professional development course!

I love myself.
I totally accept that I am a spark of the divine.
I see everyone else as a spark of the divine.
I unconditionally honour my journey.
I unconditionally honour everybody else's journey.
I know I have never deviated from my soul's purpose in path.
I know that nobody has ever diverted from their souls purpose and path.
I may not understand, but I am willing to accept that everything is part of the divine plan.
I am perfect now.
Everyone is perfect now.
The Angelic Kingdom of Light is a permanent presence in my life.
The Angelic Kingdom of Light is a permanent presence in everybody's life.
I know I have always done my best considering the resources I had available at the time.
I know that everyone has always done their best considering the resources they had at the time.
I respect and accept every decision that I have made.
I respect and accept every decision that everybody has made.
I have all the resources I need to do anything.
Everybody has all the resources they need to do anything.
I accept that I create my own reality.
I accept that everybody creates their own reality.
I feel grateful for everything in my life.
I feel grateful for what other people have in their lives.
I accept my uniqueness.
I add to everyone's uniqueness.

CPD schemes are based on a points system with these being credited for time spent on personal and professional development. Points are typically awarded for:-

Written statements on self reflection, both personal and professional.
Recording self-directed activities that resulting change and learning.
Noting new understandings and changes due to reading articles, books, websites etc.
Any relevant distance learning.
Recording workshops, seminars and conferences and lectures attended.
Publishing articles.
Preparation and delivery of workshop material.
Recording new understandings revealed during meditation.
Recording any day to day experience that reveals a new understanding. This may be esoteric or exoteric.
Ongoing professional and personal development can be, "should be", a joyous, fulfilling and self nurturing process. It actually is the way of the spiritual path. A devoted healer cannot help but fulfil the requirements of a CPD programme. It is just a matter of taking the time to record everything.

Recommended Workshops

To support personal and professional development and enhance the practice, teaching and understanding of Angelic Reiki, two further workshops were given by the Ascended Masters and Angelic Kingdom. “The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation” and “New Shamballa” are recommended for the furthering of Personal and Professional development as they offer the opportunity to deepen into the spiritual philosophy and principles that underpin this system of healing and personal empowerment. Angelic Reiki is the healing aspect of the threefold expression of the Archangel Metatron and Djwal Khul’s Second Ray of Love/Wisdom and healing. These threefold expression of the divine are the principles of form and creation (Merkabah,) the knowledge of Unconditional Love and living as a Master in every day life (New Shamballa) and the sharing of this wisdom with others (Angelic Reiki). The Merkabah workshop gives a profound understanding of the “Ancient Wisdom” out of which Angelic Reiki was born. As well as giving a practical understanding of living as a Master, the 13 New Shamballa attunements/initiations facilitates a fuller grounding of any energy with which we work.

Mentoring and supervision

It is recommended that an arrangement for mentoring and supervision be set up with the teacher. The extent of this will be dependent on the past experience of the student.

It is recommended that a minimum of three consultations are written up. Cover even simple things like how the appointment was made and where the consultation took place. This is not meant to be a critique or assessment, simply a report and reflection. It is up to the teacher and student involved what further support is felt to be appropriate.

Mentoring is very important in order to support the healer through personal issues that are raised because of their role as a healer.

Copyright and Codes of Practice Agreement

There have been issues regarding Angelic Reiki being taught and practiced in ways that actually changed it in such a manner that it was not Angelic Reiki as given by Archangel Metatron to Kevin Core.

The name Angelic Reiki pertains only to the system of healing as given through Kevin and Christine Core in 2002/3 by Archangel Metatron and the name is copyrighted and registered to Kevin and Christine Core. This system of healing is as written by Kevin Core in the official Angelic Reiki manuals.

So that good practices and the purity of Angelic Reiki are maintained and copyright law upheld, everyone needs to contact Christine before setting up in professional practice.  She will send you the "Angelic Reiki Charter for Professional Practice”. This will ask you to agree to the code of ethics as published on   .When you have signed this charter; you will be given personal permission to use the copyrighted name "Angelic Reiki" and the Angel face picture. You will then be able to use the name and picture on your advertising and web site, be listed on your national and/or the international web site (if you so wish) and be a member of your regional Angelic Reiki Organisation. There is no requirement to be a member of anything. If you want to be independent that is fine. All you need is permission to use the name. The acceptance of these codes of ethics will also allow you to be able to become accepted by various governing bodies around the world.

You are very welcome to use any of the material published on the International site

Please feel free to copy any of the notes about Angelic Reiki (for example the Q & A's). All that is asked is that you acknowledge the source.

Love Christine

Kevin & Christine Core

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