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The magic, wisdom and secrets of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis await you here with great gifts for today.

Kevin & Christine Core

Heaven is here now if you know how to look. God hides in the places we forget to look. Love will show you where. Heaven awaits you now.

Edwin Courtenay

"I first met Edwin about 5 years ago when I was guided to have a reading by him. Then, as every time I have consulted him since, he has managed to pull a white rabbit out of the hat. He has told me something that I have NOT picked up, which has then gone on to create a catalyst for profound change in my life.

Christine and I cannot recommend Edwin highly enough. In our view he is one of the clearest channels we have had the privilege of working with and recommend him to all our students. His energy is one with the Ascended Masters and also, unusually so, he has a profound link with the Angelic Kingdom on a level rarely seen in channels in the field today."

You can contact Edwin at

Rita Marsha. I teach Angelic Reiki in West London and support the organisation.

For Christine and I, the person who we have had the pleasure and joy to work with over the last 3 years, who embodies the Power and Joy of the Goddess to a degree we have not encountered in anyone else, is Alex Chaloner.

We cannot recommend her too highly to anybody who feels the call of the Goddess in their hearts. If you attend one of her Goddess workshops, not only will you feel the joy of the Creative Force which is Goddess Energy, you will learn to play in this energy as a little child.

For us, Alex also embodies Spirit at the highest level, with powerful links into the Galactic Masters and the Angels of Light.

Maggie Marshal is our good friend who, with others, has agreed to be the foundation of Angelic Reiki in England. She has embraced the energy of Angelic Reiki and made it her own, discovering her own power. Her dedication to this system is reflected in all the work that she does and will surely be felt by all of her students and clients.

This is the website of our good friend and student Janet Locket. Of all the people we have taught she has proved to be one of those rare students who has fearlessly pushed through the barriers errected in consciousness by society to reveal a truly glorious, gentle being, willing to share here Light with all those she meets.

Troika Saint Germain is our very good friend and violet flame in Mt Shasta, Northern California. She is the holder of Angelic Reiki in that place along with others and also hosts our websites. She has a very special connection with the Ascended Master St Germain and this energy comes through in all her work.

Angelic Reiki Masters of North America

This is the website of Jane Knight, our good friend and past student. All of the work that her daughter and herself brings to empower you comes through the energies of Angelic Reiki and the wisdom of the North American Native Tradition.

Jane Lee Millar is a columnist and angel guide, who uses her unique position to touch people with the energy of Angelic Reiki after having studied with us in the Summer of 2006. Please visit her website.

Kay Zega is one of our most passionate supporters and teachers of Angelic Reiki in the UK.  She is the author of an excellent article on Angelic Reiki published in a leading UK magazine that is inspired people worldwide to embrace this healing modality.

Sarah Leboff in an Angelic Reiki Master and holds classes and healing sessions in the North London.

Information from Maleko, USA.
The Primary Purpose of this website is as a Living Blessing to the Earth.
The Secondary Purpose is to disseminate information, including both Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science, to help bring about Enlightenment as to the True Nature of Reality.



This is the website of Pam Rogerson, one of our past students, and has completed all of our workshops. Embracing these teachings by running Angelic Reiki workshops and also making them her own through her own work.

At Angel Room Lynn offers a range of holistic and massage therapies as well as Angelic Reiki Healing and Angel Card Readings.  She is an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, the first within Northern Ireland and regularly runs Angelic Reiki Courses at all Levels.

Adele King-Sanders.  Angelic Reiki Healing, telepathic links, animals, pets, communication, energy, dogs, cats, horses.

Geri Massott Offering Angelic Reiki in the Huntingdon Valley, PA area.

Sue Holmes offers professional Feng Shui consultations and Space Clearing Ceremonies for home and business throughout the UK and abroad. Sue offers Angelic Reiki courses and Colour Light Therapy sessions in Devon and Wiltshire. Telephone 07786 291967

The House of Light IS the place of SYNTHESIS & SYNERGIES:
spirituality & self awareness, ascension-teachings/meditations & classes,
alternative healing, spiritual counselling, spiritual body training, creative workshops, alternative vacations, dowsing & geopathology, healthy nutrition & detoxification, meditation CDs & mp3s, study material, free mp3 downloads & much more

Seraphina Temple of Light  A touch of Heaven on Earth.
A centre of light to bring like minded spiritual people together to experience holistic therapies and transformational workshops to include Angelic Reiki (R). Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis & Lemurian Healing courses. We aim to raise awareness of positive living in Peace and Harmony on Earth with guidance from the Ascended masters, Angels and nature spirits. Cheryl Johnson

Amandha Dawn Vollmer In-Trust* BSc., ND is a Divine Immortal Spirit residing in flesh and is here on Earth displaying the archetypes of healer, teacher, artist & alchemist. As a trustee of Ucadian Free Society*, she is currently involved in writing the new health code. An eternal student of holistic health & Divine law, her passions surround remedy; helping people heal cancer, chronic fatigue & hormonal imbalances with a love for holistic plant & animal care. Amandha is available for Angelic Reiki consultations, distance sessions & teachings/attunements.

My name is Deborah Fernandes, I am a Law of Attraction Coach, EFT Practitioner and Angel Reiki Practitioner.  Serenity-4-All aims to empower you to live your life by offering coaching and holistic treatments to help you get there.

Marian Laing, is based in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland and offers Reiki, Reflexology and Hopi Ear Candling therapies. I am also available to teach Reiki to those who feel drawn to learn more about this wonderful energy.

With many years experience, Louise is a Holistic Therapist offering treatments to re-empower, reconnect and restore harmony to body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher based in Nottingham city centre.  Treatments offered include Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candles and more, plus Reiki training courses, Egyptian Cartouche initiations and meditation workshops.

Amanda Peart

Elaine Cowlard
I sell ethically sourced New Age gifts and jewellery and use recycled packaging and green energy.

The aim of this Healing Centre is to offer our clients a holistic solution for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Primariliy, we teach Angelic Reiki and offer personal consultations in Angelic Reiki. Read updates and letters from Christine/Kelvin here.

Cathelijine Filippo
Cathelijne from the Netherlands offers spiritual art, home made angelic essences and angelic coaching & healing.
She loves combining the spiritual and creative and the Healing Heart Angels are the result: one of a kind ceramic angel sculptures made personally for clients. They are attuned to Angelic Reiki and sent out with a personal spiritual message. / (English and Dutch Art Sites) / (English and Dutch Angel Sites)

With many years experience, Louise is a Holistic Therapist offering treatments to re-empower, reconnect and restore harmony to body, mind and spirit.  Offering  Reiki, Indian head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling.......all with wonderful help from the Angels!

Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher based in Nottingham city centre.  Treatments offered include Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candles and more, plus Reiki training courses, Egyptian Cartouche initiations and meditation workshops.

Kalamarakis Thodoris  & Karanikola Evangelia
Our web pages started only for Angelic Reiki, with information, masters and practitioners and how Angelic Reiki help people.
Now evolve in portal  ( priority angelic reiki ) with also others methods of therapy such as Usui, Reconnection, Guardian Angel painting etc and of course with others therapists. We believe any man can help others with the divine skills they have.

Jeanette Madeley

Eunice Phang
Light On Earth is founded with the desire to provide a space and support for the spiritual awakening of individuals who are ready. May each awakened person, in turn, awaken those around them, and each developing greater awareness, clarity and wisdom.

Tracy Munn. I have been a master in Angelic Reiki since April 2010.
In 2009, i asked my Angels where I needed to go next with my healing as spiritual healing didnt seem enough any more. They guided me to Angelic Reiki. I love Angelic Reiki, I have a real passion for it. I love working with the Angels and Ascended Masters, especially Sai Baba. The Angels have guided me to incorporate crystals and tuning forks within my healing sessions, which is wonderful.
I have my own business called The Float Sanctuary where we specialize in Floatation Therapy. We have two therapy rooms where I can do my healing and massage (as I am qualified in Holistic Massage as well).

Lia Felelon
A coach and healer who offers practical help and guidance for women who want to dynamically transform their lives for the better.

The book Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz contains ten true stories of people who – like you – planned great challenges before they were born.

Jennifer Smedley.
I have devoted my life now to the Angels and want to spread the love and light these beautiful beings of light are teaching us and help others on their path to a greater understanding of the beauty they too can bring in their lives.

Linda. Angel Jewellery.
The pieces I create combine an image with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant energetic support for their own personal intent.