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Death and Dying, A Spiritual Perspective
by Kevin Core
, 2006

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This article is copyrighted to Christine Core and The Foundation of Cosmic Fire. Permission is here given to send this article out to whoever you feel may benefit from it. All that we ask is that you give due recognition.

In the West death has always considered to be something to be avoided, in fact most people don't even like talking about death. If you have ever been in hospital where people are actually dying they always pull the curtains around that person so nobody sees the death. It is always considered to be something to be hidden, and in the old days they even placed that person in a room separate from everybody else. My grandfather, when he died in a hospital in Lancashire , England , in the middle of the night, he died alone, with the curtains pulled around him, because they didn't want the rest of the ward to be upset by the fact that he was dying. This is pretty sad really because death is part of life and we all go through it, not just people go through it but everything dies or let's go of one form so it can be reborn in another form, and it's just part of the cosmic process.

But again it seems like Western society has again taken what is natural and shunned it or put it to one side or perverted it into some kind of fearful thing to be avoided at all costs. Part of the Ascension is that the whole thing around death and dying is being looked at so that humanity can recognize that there is a spiritual aspect to death and dying, and that's really what this article is about.

I also remember when I was a child, and most of you probably do, that when a relative died the fact that that person had died was mentioned in hushed whispers if you were around. I personally was told to go upstairs or go to another room so they could talk about the death of a person I was very close to because they had died. The whole situation creates a mystique around it and the fact that when people go to funerals, they go into great grief and misery because they believe that that person has just disappeared, never to be seen again. The whole situation generates fear around death. Now, I have to say in some societies in the world this is not true. In fact the majority of the world; this fear of death seems to be felt more in the West than in any other place and they have this very limiting view. In Ireland they welcome all of the family into a room where the person who has just died is laid in a coffin and they have a three-day wake. Three days is important as I will try to explain later. The wake is open for friends and relatives or anybody to come and view the person as they lie in their coffin and they celebrate that person's life. This is really not done in the West generally.

One of the reasons why this is so important is that viewed from Spirit, death is not considered to be a death at all. When you leave the physical body to raise your consciousness to a higher level, Spirit does not see this as a shock, horror event at all. In actual fact it is the mirror image. It is viewed by Spirit to be the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to that person because in Spirit, you leaving the higher realms of Spirit to incarnate on the earth is considered by Spirit to be death. When you are on the higher planes you are totally aware of who you are, in the sense that you have a perception of all the lifetimes you have ever lived on this planet and others, your origins, where you came from before you became part of the human race on earth, because most of us are eternal beings of light. That full knowledge is anchored into your consciousness when you are on the higher dimensions.

To incarnate here you have to go through bands of energy which wipe your memory clean so that when you are born here you start off being totally disconnected, as an earthly consciousness, from any knowledge about who you are on the higher planes, and from Spirit that is considered to be a death, which it really is.

So you start here with no perception at all about why you are here or what this reality is all about. The only thing you have to go on is what you are told as part of your childhood, and what's actually anchored into your DNA, and societal values. The society we live in has gradually disconnected from spiritual knowledge and the information we are given as children has slowly distanced itself from the truth, spiritually.

When you come into incarnation you are part of a group, a spiritual group. When you decide it's time to come into incarnation to learn a lesson or to take on a spiritual mission, there is kind of like a big party, you all get together with your friends on the inner plane's, and you all say goodbye, and you descend into this incarnation here. All of your friends in Spirit are very sorrowful to see you go. When you are here they are around you all the time but you don't really perceive them at all, unless you are very clairvoyant or you have one of those senses that do that. When you leave the incantation there is a very big party on the higher planes to welcome you back. So viewed from Spirit, death is the most amazing experience and the most joyful event. Yet again the mirror image is always done on earth so death here is looked on as a very somber event. Everybody here is very sad, everybody wears black and death is not considered to be a joyous process at all. Even if the person that has died has had a lifetime where they have been suffering a lot and they have had an illness where they had been suffering for many years, the fact that that illness has now finished and they are not suffering any more doesn't make any difference at all. The people still feel that there is nothing to celebrate and only grief is the appropriate emotion to feel. So to reiterate; death as seen from Spirit is the most amazing thing and it is a welcoming home of a degree that we are very unaware of, the joy that actually comes from passing over from this life to the next, from leaving one dimension to transit into another.

So why is death coming up now to be looked at? Well, when you leave this incarnation, which is this physical vehicle, the only thing that you lose is this physical body. Everything else is the same. Your emotions are there, your identity is there, and you will even look the same on the 4th Dimension. There is nothing that is not there except your physical body. You will even take the illness that you died from or if the condition that you died from is an emotional or mental one, you even take that with you. There are places in Spirit where you have to go into a place similar to a hospital to get the energy removed from your system because you have taken it with you. The only thing that you leave behind is your physical body.

The process of letting go of that physical body is a spiritual practice, it is an art. There is a good way to do it and the not so good way to do it. Most of us in the West are practicing the not so good way to do it. One of the things that holds humanity back from going forward spiritually is the fact that we die in a very bad way. What that means is that if you approach death and take your last breath in a state of emotional trauma or believing that it should not happen, or in a state of anger or fear or rage or anything like that, it actually conditions the place in consciousness that you end up in when you pass through this barrier on the other side, and you find yourself in another reality. That reality is totally conditioned by the frame of mind you are in when you take your last breath.

All of those people who die, who take their last breath, in anger of fear or in loneliness where will they end up? Just imagine my grandfather who was in the space of being in a hospital, there was nobody that he knew and he took his last breath in that space surrounded by curtains. So what frame of mind did he die in? It is this not recognizing the mechanics of what death is that has caused untold amounts of suffering in the world for thousands of years.

We have no excuses, because the knowledge of death and dying has been around for longer than that. Many races on the earth hold that knowledge, the Tibetans hold it, the Egyptians held it, the Greeks held it, the South American tribes held it and still do. It is only in the West that we very vociferously go into the space of fear etc.

Now why that is you have to make up your own conclusions I suppose.

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